Fluid Reality

“Reality is but a canvas of perceptions, and in the brushstrokes of our minds, we shape the world we see.”

– Unknown

What is real?

While on a boat trip on a lake in Australia I was faced with rather dull weather conditions. Thus, out of disappointment not being able to capture the beauty of the landscape, I started to photograph water reflections.
Watching the images on my computer I was fascinated by the forms and structure emerging, the delicate play of tonality and hues which were amplified by just changing contrast and colors. The resulting images are abstract, have a painterly feeling and seem to be decoupled of anything real, though they still offer a window into reality.

For me, this series represents the upcoming struggle and challenge of our times to detect what is real, what is fake and what reality is at all.


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Non-exclusive, commercial licenses for full resolution images will be sold as NFT on OpenSea. Buyers may enter into a draw to win a signed fine art print .