Hi, my name is Thomas Krebs, a  photographer from Frankfurt/Main

My photography journey started in 2006 when I was traveling to South Africa. Equipped with a Nikon camera and a bag full of heavy lenses I photographed landscapes, wildlife and whatever was in front of my lens. Some years later, I discovered street photography for myself. In the beginning I wasn’t even aware of that genre, my photos just increasingly incorporated people. A workshop in London in 2020 finally ignited my passion for street photography.

For me the beauty of street photography is that you can do it everywhere and anytime. The street is like a big stage full of surprises. Even if you walk the same route over and over again, there is always something new waiting to be discovered and captured. I am fascinated by freezing those fleeting moments which will never re-occur.

Although my focus, is clearly on street photography you will find other work as well, either from my travels or just experiments with composing or whatever comes to my mind.

I hope you enjoy looking at my images.


If you have any questions, suggestions, have interest in one of my images or just want to get in touch, just leave me a message